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June 01 2018

Cyclist Rushes Past Police To Empty Bomb Scare's 'Suspicious Package', Gets Tackled Afterward
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I don’t see a downside

*buys several boxes of chocolate* 

(concerned) Motherfucker?

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It's been 7 years since I started souping and I have to admit it makes me a bit sad when I see familiar usernames and notes like: posted "5 months ago", "11 months ago", "2 years ago" and so on. I've met lots of amazing people here and I still miss them and every time I scroll soup I still wonder where they are now and what they're doing, no matter if they keep reposting anything or not. I wish they knew that I still think about them sometimes and I wish them all the best. No matter if they were "just" people whose usernames I recognized and liked their soups or friends I spent a lot of time talking with and making happy memories. They all still have a special place in my heart.
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Nur das Nötigste mit in den Urlaub nehmen ...
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“Human, I see you are trapped in my butt warming machine.”

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Man hat die Ex-Frau von Elon Musk schon länger nicht mehr gesehen.
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Dieser Staat will angeblich Daten schützen....
Sun Service
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Die Cyber-Einheit der Berliner Polizei
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May 25 2018

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